Where can I find an Art Deco Wedding Cake?

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Okay, I know this is a blog about art deco jewellery, but because it’s summer and because I’ve been to a lot of weddings lately, this post is about finding an art deco wedding cake.  Or a cake in an art deco style.  This is because, last weekend I went to a wedding and was asked this exact question.

Now I know that my dream wedding would be an art deco style wedding, and I’ve yet to have an invite to one of those (hint: if you are planning an art deco wedding invite me!)  But if I were lucky enough to be invited to one, I would expect to see, centre of the top table, in all it’s fine glory a stunning art deco wedding cake, but the question is: where can you find a cake like that?

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I did a bit of reasearch and found these lovely places. Read more

Ladies Art Deco Ring

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This beautiful 9ct yellow gold ladies Art Deco ring has been reduced by 20%, so I just felt that I had to share.  It boasts sapphires, diamonds and emeralds and also comes with free delivery from Amazon.

The site says of the ring, “A really stunning ring which is guaranteed to impress that special lady in your life.There are a total of 13 DIAMONDS, FOUR MARQUISE SAPPHIRES & 24 PRINCESS CUT EMERALDS.”

Not bad.  So if you’re looking for the perfect art deco ring this summer, this might be worth a look.

Bridesmaid Gifts – How to decide what jewellery bridesmaid gifts to give

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So you’re planning your wedding and you’re on to the gifts part.

That can be worse than choosing the seating plan!
You want to give gifts that reflect your appreciation for the help you’ve had, and no bride is helped more than by her bridesmaids, so choosing the perfect bridesmaids gifts is a tricky one.

If you make a great choice for your bridesmaids gifts they will be remembered and be a token of your special day.  If you make a bad choice, they will be worn once (usually on your wedding day) then put in the back of a drawer.

The best way to shop Read more

Art Deco Mothers Day

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With Mothers Day coming up I’ve decided to treat myself.
I know I don’t really need a reason to treat myself, heck, the sheer fact that it’s nearly the weekend is enough for me to decide to buy myself a present, but this time it’s going to be something different.

It’s not going to be a piece of art deco jewellery.  That’s right, I said, it’s not going to be a piece of art deco jewellery.  No, I’m going to buy myself a book, and it’s going to be this one. Art Deco: 1910-1939

I’ve decided that I need more eye-candy to browse through when I’m in need of inspiration so my plan is to start a vast and superbly interesting collection of art deco books that sum up the era completley.

After browsing through Amazon, this seems to be the best one to start with.  In fact, I can’t believe I don’t have it already, so that’s my little present to myself bought.  Is there any other books you can suggest to go into my art deco book collection?

Art Deco Brooch

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Think I may be getting this Vintage Art Deco Silver Brooch
for dear old mama this coming mothers day.

How beautiful is it?  It’s just darling isn’t it?  I figure if I buy it for my mother, then I also get to use the art deco brooch whenever I like as well.  Bonus!
I think it will look particularly well on the side of my black felt hat.  Or I could buy a chain as well as this art deco brooch for mothers day and then we have the option of wearing it as a pendant.  I’ve just looked at my other post about art deco brooches and quite frankly, this little lovely would do well on any of those ideas.  Apart from using it as a key chain, it’s just too nice for that.
As Amazon puts it, “designed over 30 years ago, we’ve brought back this art deco inspired brooch to celebrate the revival in vintage couture. Cast in antique silver, this delicate brooch measures 3″ wide and is embedded with clear, light amethyst purple and dark amethyst purple crystals.”  On seconds thoughts, I think I’ll just stick to wearing it as an art deco brooch, I’ll pin it to my black mini dress and let the compliments fly!

Art Deco bag

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Last weekend I went out and it was only when I was leaving the house that I realized that I do not own an art deco bag. Don’t ask me what really constitutes as an art deco bag, but I’m guessing something with lots of geometric shapes and something that is utterly stylish, and although my bags are pretty smart I quickly found out that they are also pretty boring.

So I’m thinking I need to build up a collection of art deco bags that I can choose from when I’m ready to go out parting.  The bags that I do own all seem to be rather dark in color so that I can put them with a variety of outfits, so when I saw this little lovely, I just had to do a post about it.  It’s from a brand new site called Endless that works in conjunction with Amazon so you can expect the same excellent level of customer service and value for money.  But the thing that I really love about this art deco bag is the detailing at the front.

There is so much more detail if you have a look at the site (just click on the image and it should take you there)  but this is the begging description of it: “This gorgeous clutch by Rafe is opulence epitomized. Inside and out, you’ll find exotic, genuine snakeskin with a metallic finish. The flap is bedecked with jewels of varying shapes and sizes that form a geometric pattern. The interior features a vanity mirror, a zippered pocket and several card slots.”

Now how can you say no to that?  I couldn’t and am offically starting my collection of art deco bags with it. Oh and did I mention that it’s on sale?  At 55%?  Oh yes, so get it now and you save $289!

Gifts for men

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How hard is this?  Amazingly hard!

Buying gifts for men is one common problem that every girl shares.  You may want to show them that you appreciate them, be it your brother, father, husband or boyfriend but buying gifts for him isn’t always easy.

The problem with buying gifts for him, that special someone in your life, is that most men are a bit uncommunicative about what they want.
If, like me, you want to choose a gift that will be unique, original and loved, Read more

Birthday gift – 5 ways to select the perfect birthday gift

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This year will be different, this year you’ll buy a birthday gift that will be cherished and loved.
Gone are the days of typical  and boring birthday gifts, this time, your birthday present will surpass all others.

How?  By following these simple five steps to birthday gift heaven… Read more

Art Deco Necklace – perfect valentines gift

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This just has to be the perfect art deco valentines gift.

I love the colours, but even better are the materials used in this art deco pendant. Shell, rope and metal. Who’d of thought that would make such a pretty necklace?  It’s actually, ‘crushed natural shell encased in a clear resin.’  So that’s what gives the art deco necklace the shiny look.  It looks kind of sparkly to me as well.

I’m not sure how low the art deco necklace sits, but I think the way that this pendant is attached to a rope makes it really versitile.

You could really have fun with this, adapting it into an art deco brooch or key chain. And best of all, it comes with a free travel jewellery roll, so if you are giving this as a valentines gift, you’ll get a little something for yourself as well!

Heart Art Deco Pendant Necklace – Grey

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Art Deco Picture Frame

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I like to have a lot of visual things around me and I find that nothing makes me feel more glamorous than art deco picture frames.

When I was getting my own place, and didn’t know much about style and found it all a little intimidating, a close friend told me, ‘Pick one thing that embodies your style and work out from that.’  The one thing I chose was an art deco picture frame and it’s kind of gone on from there.

I know it’s a little silly, but having my jewellery displayed in art deco picture frames, as well as beautiful glamorous art deco film stars, makes creating a look so much easier.
I like to change the images in my art deco picture Read more

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