Hello and welcome to my site

I am a BIG fan of Art Deco Jewellery but unfortunately, my purse strings don’t allow me to buy all the Art Deco jewellery that I would love to, so I set this blog up as a way show my adoration for the pieces that I can’t own.

My love isn’t limited to Art Deco though, I’m a big fan of hand-crafted pieces, costume jewellery, fine jewellery, hand crafted jewellery..oh heck, who am I kidding?  I am a jewellery addict. There I said it out loud.

If you find something that would look good on these pages, or even better, perhaps you make some adorable little peices yourself? Then please, by all means, leave a comment or email me – I love mail.


Just so that we’re clear…

This is my blog about Art Deco Jewellery, the stuff I blog about here I don’t sell directly, package or send it to you.  I am just letting you know what Art Deco Jewellery is out there and where it is.  Please use your common sense when leaving this website as I just provide the links, not the content that you’ll see when you get there.   :)

Thank you and have a beautiful, glamours and altogether fabulous day.

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