Art Deco Bracelet – diamond and solid silver

January 11, 2009 · Filed Under Art Deco Bracelet 

art deco bracelet

Wow, now this is what I call a bracelet.

This beautiful cz diamonte and solid silver bracelet is, well, I have to say it, stunning.  Just look at that design.

Can you imagine this bracelet with a black evening dress or top?  Or how about a white evening dress.  In fact, how about any evening dress.

I love the little diamonte squares that make up the bracelet, just so elegant.  And even thought the whole thing is sparkly, the design manages to do it without too much overkill.  It’s completly understated whilst having every bit of the wow factor.
The geometric link design is a favourite of mine, and an added benefit to this braclet is that it has a secure fastener and extra clasp for safety, so it won’t go falling off your arm.

This is one of those pieces which react to sulphide in the air, so if you are buying this, best to store it in a jewellery box to keep it as sprightly as possible and when you do notice any kind of tarnish, clean it immediately.  Although, if I did own this, I think I’d clean it everyday just to get a look at the pretty little thing.  Sigh.

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