Art Deco Brooch – 5 Ways to wear it

February 4, 2009 · Filed Under Gift Ideas 

I saw this Art Deco Red Pin Brooch over at Amazon and thought it was just lovely.  With dark silver toned design, this art deco brooch has red rhinestones with red acrylic stones.
Even better, this art deco brooch has been reduced!  It is now only $14.99, from $29.97.  Bargain!

And although we all love the art deco brooch, what’s the best way to wear it?

You could just pin the art deco brooch to your top, but here are five ways to be a little more adventurous with it.

1. Clip it on to a chain, ribbon or existing pendant to make an art deco necklace.

2. Pin the art deco brooch onto your bag or purse – you can do this either to the strap or purse itself.  Fantastic on a blank purse – especially with this red, imagine it on a black evening bag.

3.  Got some of those ballerina flats?  Why not pin this art deco brooch to one of them.  Just be sure to do it when you’re not wearing them!

4. Make the art deco brooch into a key chain.  All you need to do is get some funky ribbon, or short chain and add the brooch.  Tie it round your keys and there you have it – a fabulous art deco key chain.

5. Pin the art deco brooch to a hat.  I think with this particular brooch it would work great with a beret.

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