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Like other historical eras, with unique style and character, the use of art deco glass in interior design and jewellery,  is a perfect illustration of how the art deco era made it’s impact on the creative world.

If you look at any art deco furniture, you’ll see that art deco style makes great use of glass and mirrors.  Art deco glass will display the geometric style typical of the era, with a streamlined design that is sleek and striking.

You can see art deco glass in some pieces of jewellery.

Using art deco glass as a way to create a piece of jewellery is a great way to focus the deco style, and display the key elements of the design in the best ways.

Art deco furniture is extremely popular and often people will buy the one piece of art deco furniture as a showcase item, so wouldn’t it be good to do this with a piece of art deco jewellery?

The art deco glass jewellery of Rene Lalique and Gabriel Argy Rousseau is a prime example of how art deco glass was used in fashion.

Lalique, by the 1920’s, had become the leading art deco glass-maker of France and when he was just 30 years of age, he was already considered to be one of the country’s prominent jewellery designers.  He was well known for his stunning collections of art deco glass jewellery design and other glassware, such as perfume bottles, chandeliers and vases.

He created exquisite art deco glass pendants, with exceptional designs that incorporated stylised animal and leaf designs.  He also crafted beautiful pendants with featuring female figures and insects, all hanging from silk cords.

The art deco glass jewellery is highly collectable and as you can imagine, is quite expensive. The craftmanship and quality in the pieces is very desirable and many of the popular images of art deco glass are those from Rene Lalique.

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