Art Deco Jewellery on Mae West

February 2, 2009 · Filed Under Antique Art Deco Jewellery 

I’m working on a design for a wall hanging featuring an art deco design.  (In my other life I work as a freelance writer and artist) and I needed some help.

The wall hanging is made from recycled material and at the centre it’s got a large moon, reflected in  water with the profile of a glamorous woman to the right.   She’s stood in a way so that it looks like she’s holding the moon and this woman couldn’t just be anyone.  It had to be an art deco woman. From her silhouette, I wanted her to be synonymous with art deco style, celebrating the glamour and decadence of the era.  So who did I go to for inspiration? Mae West of course!

Mae west, best known as actress, screenwriter and of couse, sex symbol was perfect for providing the motivation I needed.  She was known for her wit and double entendres, many of which still feel great to say.  My favourite Mae West quote being, Let us not be too particular.  It is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none a all.’

And will you Just look at the art deco jewellery Mae West is sporting?  The necklace is amazing and I love the small, curled earrings that go with it.   Wonder if I can find anything similar….

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