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February 3, 2009 · Filed Under Art Deco Pendant 

I was just looking at that picture in my last post about Mae West and thinking what a fabulous art deco necklace she was wearing.
It is simply stunning.
But you know what makes it so jaw-dropping?  It’s the combination of the art deco necklace with that dress.  I mean, imagine that art deco necklace on a high necked dress, or one without such a sweet-heart neckline.  It simply wouldn’t have the same impact.

The thing that makes any art deco necklace so eye-catching is the outfit you put it with, something that many people overlook.
I think perhaps, people spend more time on deciding what shoes would look good with a dress rather than think about what art deco necklaces would look good, when really it should be the other way around.
Because,  think about it, how many people will be looking down in the area where your shoes are and how many people will be looking in the area where your art deco necklace will be?  See, it’s not rocket science, which is why it’s vital to pick the perfect art deco necklace that compliments your neckline.   Here are some quick tips.

Firstly, remember the occasion.  Don’t go overboard, a big diamond art deco necklace would be wonderful for a night out but not so good for a trip to the supermarket.

If you have a v-neck style dress on, this can be accentuated with a drop art deco necklace.  In fact, the drop art deco necklace or single pendant works wonderfully well with crew-neck and boat-neck tops.

Off the shoulder or strapless necklines are perfect for showing off art deco necklaces that are really close to the neck.  Don’t go for such a long drop, stick with an art deco choker or a simple art deco necklace.

If you are wearing something like an open collar blouse then bigger, thicker art deco necklaces work best here.  You can also go for some real colour to capture the eye and create a great look.  Just remember to keep your art deco necklaces close to the collarbone when creating this kind of look.

And if you have a sweater that comes really high on your neck, like say, a turtleneck sweater, then this is the time to wear a really long art deco necklace with a stunning design.  If it’s an evening occasion you can also build the layers of jewellery on this outfit and that looks really good too.

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