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February 5, 2009 · Filed Under Gift Ideas 

I like to have a lot of visual things around me and I find that nothing makes me feel more glamorous than art deco picture frames.

When I was getting my own place, and didn’t know much about style and found it all a little intimidating, a close friend told me, ‘Pick one thing that embodies your style and work out from that.’  The one thing I chose was an art deco picture frame and it’s kind of gone on from there.

I know it’s a little silly, but having my jewellery displayed in art deco picture frames, as well as beautiful glamorous art deco film stars, makes creating a look so much easier.
I like to change the images in my art deco picture frames, sometimes I have family and friends (only when they are looking their best I might add) but more often than not, I put in a picture of an art deco woman.

There are some great ones to choose from and they are a little reminder about how great it is to be a girl.  The best place to find pictures to put in your art deco picture frames is at any on-line poster shop.  But I particularly like this Art Deco Elegance IV Art Poster Print, 13×19 I have this on my wall and every time I look at it I sigh.  The decadence, the glamour…it’s enough to make anyone smile.

Having art deco picture frames and art deco pictures around won’t automatically make you more sophisticated or glamorous or fashionable.  But somehow, and don’t ask me why, an art deco picture frame or two can certainly make you feel that way.

So if you aren’t getting any art deco jewellery this valentines, opt for an art deco picture frame or an art deco poster.  I guarantee it’ll be something worth having.

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