Where can I find an Art Deco Wedding Cake?

July 23, 2009 · Filed Under Art Deco Style 

Okay, I know this is a blog about art deco jewellery, but because it’s summer and because I’ve been to a lot of weddings lately, this post is about finding an art deco wedding cake.  Or a cake in an art deco style.  This is because, last weekend I went to a wedding and was asked this exact question.

Now I know that my dream wedding would be an art deco style wedding, and I’ve yet to have an invite to one of those (hint: if you are planning an art deco wedding invite me!)  But if I were lucky enough to be invited to one, I would expect to see, centre of the top table, in all it’s fine glory a stunning art deco wedding cake, but the question is: where can you find a cake like that?

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I did a bit of reasearch and found these lovely places.

Firstly, before I go into my recommendations, have a think about what type of art deco wedding cake you want.  Have a clear picture in your mind.  Will it have amazing shapes and forms?  Will the cake be full of period design and images or will it be a simple affair with not too many tiers but just enough to show it’s theme?

Try to have an idea of what you want so you don’t get confused with all the images.   Trust me, a visit to a cake store and I don’t care if it’s online, you will forget what you came for and want to buy everything!

First stop is I Dream of Cake.
Lovely website that shows brilliant and inspiring cakes.  They work directly with you to create cakes with ‘personal meaning and lasting impact.’  Only one thing, this cake may look too good to eat!

Next stop is Studio Cake
They have a passion for ‘striking, textural and functional art and a sweet, buttery tooth to match it.’  I think a cake from here would contain a lot of energy and be sure to wow the crowd.

Wow Cakes have this stunning design which is very dramatic and The Beehive incorporates the brides colours into this art deco themed cake.

However if you’ve got your heart set on a certain company to make your art deco wedding cake and need a little inspiration then take a look at Vintage Glam Weddings Art Deco Week.  Lots of images and visual inspiration there. Still stuck?  This site has over 500 pictures of wedding cakes so you’ll be sure to find something there!

Have any other tips for getting an art deco wedding cake?  Leave a comment and share!


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