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For many soon to be brides out there, the first thing they buy is the wedding dress, however for some, the first thing they do is decide on a theme.

One of my friends had an art deco wedding theme, which I thought was a great idea.  (Well, I would, wouldn’t I?  In fact, it may have been my idea in the first place)  But I must stress that even though you have decided on an art deco wedding, it all starts with the dress.  And in this case, an art deco wedding dress.

So for anyone out there who is thinking of getting married and would like to plan an art deco wedding, here are some of my tips and resources for finding that perfect art deco wedding dress, because I’m assuming you already have your art deco jewellery.  What?  You don’t?  Well that’s a whole other article! For now, lets focus on finding…

Bridal gown at Claire Pettibone

The art deco wedding dress.
This can be the hardest thing to get, and believe me, I know.  If you haven’t got the figure of Keira Knightly, and let’s face it, very few of us have, then it can get a little difficult, however, it doesn’t have to be.  The best choice by far, is to have an art deco wedding dress made for you by a bespoke wedding dress maker in typical art deco style.  You can then really look at the art deco gowns and decide which traits will suit yoru figure best.  Chose a dropped waist, perhpas some pleats or how about a scooped neckline with a train?

Take some inspiration from The Clara by brilliant designer Claire Pettibone.  Shown here, you can see it’s a wonderful example of an art deco wedding dress.  The flattering jewelled neckline and blet are very glamourous as is the scalloped hemline.

Or look at or buy any of the fabulous Jenny Packham art deco wedding dresses which are also wonderful.  How geogeous is the image I’ve put up here?  Imagine walking down the isle in that for some real Hollywood glamour!  Ideal for creating that 1920’s feel and she also boasts a clientele of Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and Keria Knightley, so who can argue with that?

Bridal gown at Jenny Packham

The other option is to buy a vintage wedding gown.
You can look on aution sites for this, but sites specialising in vintage wedding gowns are probably best.  They vet all wedding gowns and have a large selection, so it’s worth looking at those.

Some good ones to try are Vintage Art Deco Gowns and Vintage Wedding
Once you have the dress, you can then begin to think about the art deco jewellery to go with it and that’s something that I can write about all day!

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