Birthday gift – 5 ways to select the perfect birthday gift

February 9, 2009 · Filed Under Gift Ideas 

This year will be different, this year you’ll buy a birthday gift that will be cherished and loved.
Gone are the days of typical  and boring birthday gifts, this time, your birthday present will surpass all others.

How?  By following these simple five steps to birthday gift heaven…

1.    Think about when are you buying the birthday gift.
This sounds obvious, but I once had a pair of gloves given to me.  They were lovely, black leather and fitted like a dream.  The problem?  It was July.  Think about when you will be giving the birthday present if you’re buying in advance.

2.    Study hobbies and collections.

Is the person you’re buying for fanatical about a particular piece of jewellery?  Great, build on that and buy them another piece from the same designer or collection.  Do they have a hobby?  Buy them a watch or hair band that will help them look stylish when they do their activity.

3.    Shop around.
Don’t buy the first thing you see.  Once you’ve decided on your item, have a look and use a comparison site.  If you get it cheaper elsewhere, you can used the saved money on presentation by buying a box or special gift wrap for your item.

4.    You don’t have to give a present.
Host a party, throw a surprise dinner.  Don’t limit your thinking when it comes to celebrating.  You could even offer up your time, offer to babysit or pet sit so the birthday girl or guy can go out for a night away

5.    Join with others.
If you are really stuck, then a get a few people together and pool your resources.  If you all chip in, you could probably get one really great luxury item, throw a party and host a dinner.

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