Bridesmaid Gifts – How to decide what jewellery bridesmaid gifts to give

May 9, 2009 · Filed Under Gift Ideas 

So you’re planning your wedding and you’re on to the gifts part.

That can be worse than choosing the seating plan!
You want to give gifts that reflect your appreciation for the help you’ve had, and no bride is helped more than by her bridesmaids, so choosing the perfect bridesmaids gifts is a tricky one.

If you make a great choice for your bridesmaids gifts they will be remembered and be a token of your special day.  If you make a bad choice, they will be worn once (usually on your wedding day) then put in the back of a drawer.

The best way to shop for gifts for bridesmaids is the same way that you would shop for any other gifts.

Most brides seem to forget this.  That you are essentially buying a present for someone.  Don’t let the thought of what it will look like with their bridesmaid dress get in the way, or what you think a typical piece of bridal jewellery should look like.

Another point to remember is that all your bridesmaids gifts don’t have to be the same.  It’s so tempting to buy neat little bridesmaids sets of necklace and studs so that they can all look pretty together, sorry, but unless your bridesmaids are all under ten years old, this just isn’t going to work.

Like most regular people, bridesmaids have separate likes and dislikes.
If they are good friends (which most bridesmaids generally are, hence the job title) then they will have kept their dislikes from you.
They’re wearing the dress you chose, having the hair how you suggested, so give them a break and treat them like individuals when saying ‘thank you.’

Think about what each bridesmaid likes.  Do they prefer silver jewellery over gold jewellery.  Earrings over necklaces?
Pick individual pieces for each of your bridesmaids and you’ll be rewarded.

Your friends will know you appreciate them, will know you have taken time over your selection and most importantly, they’ll still be your friend after all this wedding hoopla is over.  And they’ll also have a great piece of jewellery to remember it all by.

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