Art Deco Jewellery on Mae West

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I’m working on a design for a wall hanging featuring an art deco design.  (In my other life I work as a freelance writer and artist) and I needed some help.

The wall hanging is made from recycled material and at the centre it’s got a large moon, reflected in  water with the profile of a glamorous woman to the right.   She’s stood in a way so that it looks like she’s holding the moon and this woman couldn’t just be anyone.  It had to be an art deco woman. From her silhouette, I wanted her to be synonymous with art deco style, celebrating the glamour and decadence of the era.  So who did I go to for inspiration? Mae West of course!

Mae west, best known as actress, screenwriter and of couse, sex symbol was perfect for providing the motivation I needed.  She was known for her wit and double entendres, many of which still feel great to say.  My favourite Mae West quote being, Read more

Vintage Costume Jewellery – 5 ways to get the best deals

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When looking for vintage costume jewellery, you’ll notice that it might be a little hard to ensure you’re getting a good deal.  In fact, if you’re not sure of the questions to ask and what to look out for, then the whole thing can be a complete minefield, especially if you’re buying vintage costume jewellery on-line.

In many department stores today, the costume jewellery that they have on display will, unfortunately, lose value rather than gain it.  However, vintage costume jewellery is a whole other story.  Get a piece of vintage costumer jewellery in your collection and if it’s in demand, then you’re on to a winner – if you know what to look out for when buying that is.

So here’s five simple steps and a quick (very quick) guide to finding the best vintage costume jewellery around.
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