Art Deco Necklace – perfect valentines gift

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This just has to be the perfect art deco valentines gift.

I love the colours, but even better are the materials used in this art deco pendant. Shell, rope and metal. Who’d of thought that would make such a pretty necklace?  It’s actually, ‘crushed natural shell encased in a clear resin.’  So that’s what gives the art deco necklace the shiny look.  It looks kind of sparkly to me as well.

I’m not sure how low the art deco necklace sits, but I think the way that this pendant is attached to a rope makes it really versitile.

You could really have fun with this, adapting it into an art deco brooch or key chain. And best of all, it comes with a free travel jewellery roll, so if you are giving this as a valentines gift, you’ll get a little something for yourself as well!

Heart Art Deco Pendant Necklace – Grey

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Art Deco Necklaces – choosing the perfect pendant

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I was just looking at that picture in my last post about Mae West and thinking what a fabulous art deco necklace she was wearing.
It is simply stunning.
But you know what makes it so jaw-dropping?  It’s the combination of the art deco necklace with that dress.  I mean, imagine that art deco necklace on a high necked dress, or one without such a sweet-heart neckline.  It simply wouldn’t have the same impact.

The thing that makes any art deco necklace so eye-catching is the outfit you put it with, something that many people overlook.
I think perhaps, people spend more time on deciding what shoes would look good with a dress rather than think about what art deco necklaces would look good, when really it should be the other way around.
Because,  think about it, how many people will be looking down in the area where your shoes are and how many people will be looking in the area where your art deco necklace will be?  See, it’s not rocket science, which is why it’s vital to pick the perfect art deco necklace that compliments your neckline.   Here are some quick tips.

Firstly, remember the occasion.  Don’t go overboard, a big diamond art deco necklace Read more

Silver necklace – six silver hearts

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With Valentines coming up, it’s only right that I feature some wonderful valentine gifts, and I adore this Six Silver Hearts Necklace from Promod.

At only £12.00, this silver necklace is an absolute steal.  I especially like the design on each of the little silver hearts, close inspection on the third one along from the right shows wonderful detail.  A lined patterned background with a tiny heart right in the centre.  Beautiful.

The chain is a little clunky for my liking, but at this price, I would be tempted to buy the silver necklace and then fashion it to my own tastes.  I might put a finer chain on or wear the silver hearts vertically.  I suppose you could also make this into a silver bracelet, if you so desired.

The possibilites are endless!  Overall a lovely little silver necklace that will charm anyone this valentines for sure.

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Antique Necklace

January 20, 2009 · Filed Under Art Deco Pendant · 1 Comment 

This c1930 Vintage Art Deco diamante necklace
is stunning.

At the time of writing it is in stock,but of course, with it being a antique necklace, it may not be around for very long.

The antique necklace is dated at around 1930, and is in typical art deco design, with the central point being made of three leaf shapes and two circular stones.  If you go to the website,there are a lot more pictures than the one shown here, and the antique necklace is shown in all of it’s glorious detail. Read more

Diamond heart pendant

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Although this 9ct White Gold 10Pt Diamond Heart Pendant 18
this isn’t art deco in style, I still love it. 
And I’m betting it would make an adorable valentine’s present, I mean who wouldn’t love this irresistible diamond heart pendant?

At the time of writing, there is only two left in stock, so if you plan on getting this diamond heart pendant, then I would buy it sooner rather than later.  Why?  I hear you ask, well let’s go through the reasons why a diamond heart pendant is always a good choice.

Read more

Blue Diamond Necklaces – how to get the best

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I don’t think there’s anything more striking than blue diamond necklaces.  Whatever outfit you have on, blue diamond necklaces always seems to compliment it, the same goes for if you are a blonde or a brunette, blue diamond necklaces will flatter anyone.
Unlike clear diamonds (which, I hasten to add, I also love) blue diamond necklaces have the ability to bring out the best in you.  You can wear blue diamond necklaces and know, for certain, that you are making a memorable impression. So how can you be sure to get the best blue diamond necklaces possible? Read more

Art Deco Hairband

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I think this is one of my favourite finds. How beautiful is this Art Deco Opal Flower Hair Band?  And it’s a hair band!  Who’d have thought that you could wear something so stunning and delicate whilst also keeping your hair up?

It’s so lovely, I’d be tempted to wear this as a necklace as well as a hair band.  Made from brilliant white crystals and a sparkling opal colour, it measures 7cm in diameter.  That’s really quite big!  If you have dark hair, I imagine this would look stunning and would really stand out.

Perfect for a special occasion this versatile hair band is lovely, both in it’s design and detail.

Art Deco Necklace – Hematite T Bar by Adrian Buckley

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This beautiful Adrian Buckley Art deco T bar hematite pendant necklace with clear crystals
is part of the Adrian Buckly Moda fashion jewellery winter collection.  And although it is from a ‘winter collection’ I don’t think this type of Art Deco necklace will ever go out of fashion or season.
Made from clear crystals with Hematite T bar, it would make the perfect gift for someone special or yourself.

I think it would look particularly stunning with a scooped neckline, so that the Art Deco necklace can really be seen.  The geometric shape at the centre of the Art Deco necklace is something that you want to show off, so if you are lucky enough to have this, be sure to show it off!