Ladies Art Deco Ring

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This beautiful 9ct yellow gold ladies Art Deco ring has been reduced by 20%, so I just felt that I had to share.  It boasts sapphires, diamonds and emeralds and also comes with free delivery from Amazon.

The site says of the ring, “A really stunning ring which is guaranteed to impress that special lady in your life.There are a total of 13 DIAMONDS, FOUR MARQUISE SAPPHIRES & 24 PRINCESS CUT EMERALDS.”

Not bad.  So if you’re looking for the perfect art deco ring this summer, this might be worth a look.

Art Deco Cubic Zirconia & Sapphire Ring

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The designs on this Art Deco sapphire ring are amazing.  The detail is some of the best I’ve seen, it’s so intricate.  I love the swirls that reach out to the small sapphire’s at each side of this art deco design ring and think it’s brilliant.  It would also be perfect for that special valentines present, or perhaps, something else?

It’s listed on Amazon and here’s the description, “Reminiscent of the 1920’s Edwardian and Art Deco designs. We are pleased to offer this line of high quality vintage inspired sterling silver filigree jewellery. Having 2) 5mm faceted cubic zirconias beadset with 12) cubic zirconia accents and 4) genuine sapphires. Availability is limited Read more

Ring sizes – how to get it right

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We’ve all done it; bought a ring, given it as a gift, only to find that we haven’t done our homework with ring sizes and it doesn’t fit.

There is nothing worse than getting ring only to find out that it’s too big or too small.  Ring sizes are vastly important, but unforutnatly, when buying a ring as a gift, many people don’t even consider ring sizes.

And how disappointing is that when you are giving an engagement ring?
No one wants to accept a marriage proposal and then spend fifteen minutes trying to squash their finger into a ring, so how can we measure for ring sizes to ensure this doesn’t happen? Read more

Engagement ring insurance – different types of policies

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So you have your engagement ring, you’ve popped the question and your partner has answered in the affirmative, hurrah!
But one thing that most people never think of is investing in engagement ring insurance, and that’s a tragedy, because if the worst was to happen, then your engagement ring insurance would be worth every penny –  if you have the right policy.
So what kind of engagement ring insurance can you get?

There are several different types of engagement ring insurance policies.  Ideally, you want to spend time looking at each different policy so you can effectively determine what insurance policy will be right for you.

I’ve listed a few different types here and the pro’s and con’s, but if you have an expensive engagement ring, then you really need to think carefully about engagement ring insurance.
Read more

Art Deco Ring – Blue Topaz Diamond

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This beautiful 9ct Gold Blue Topaz Diamond ring is just perfect for an engagement ring, wedding ring or simply and I love you ring!

The three vibrant blue topaz stones are emerald cut and in classic Art Deco style.  Cut and set into the 9ct gold band.

There is a delicate diamond at each side and a cevron patternation to the banding.  It’s so original and unique and would really be a wonderful piece to own.  It’s certainly not for your average person, or someone Read more