Silver Jewellery – how to clean it

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It’s a real pain, but silver jewellery can get dirty some times.  At first, you probably won’t notice that your pieces are looking a little dull, but as time goes on you’ll begin to wonder why your jewellery isn’t so sparkling any more.  That’s the time you need to clean it.

The best way to clean silver jewellery is to use a professional tool for the job.  After all, you’ve paid all that money for your items, you don’t want to ruin them by not cleaning them properly!

I remember I once cleaned some silver jewellery I had with an old cloth, unfortunately the cloth was fibrous and small pieces of wool and material got caught around the clasps.
It was a hard lesson to learn, because whenever I wore the piece again (it was a necklace) I would always look for the material trapped in the pendant, rather than the pendant itself and it took away all the enjoyment of wearing the item.

Now I only use Maker Mends Silver Jewellery Cleaning and Polishing Cloth.  The link I’ve put in here is from Amazon, but I think you can get them from most good jewellery shops.

I can highly recommend it as the one I have, I bought six months ago and I’m still using it now.  It’s really simple to use as well, as long as you keep the cloth in it’s packet between uses, it will keep for a long time.  This is so the cleaning agent that is on the cloth stays potent.

All you have to do is take the cloth out and gently rub it over your tarnished jewellery to bring back the polish.  It’s great as you can literally see the shine come back!

After a while you’ll notice that there’s more black on your cloth than blue and that’s when you need to get a new one.  But if you are buying any new jewellery, or have some silver  items that seem to have lost their shine, then I’d get one of these.  It’s worth it.

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