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March 9, 2009 · Filed Under Gift Ideas 

How hard is this?  Amazingly hard!

Buying gifts for men is one common problem that every girl shares.  You may want to show them that you appreciate them, be it your brother, father, husband or boyfriend but buying gifts for him isn’t always easy.

The problem with buying gifts for him, that special someone in your life, is that most men are a bit uncommunicative about what they want.
If, like me, you want to choose a gift that will be unique, original and loved, then thinking about presents for men is difficult.

I find the best way to start preparing ideas for presents for men is to do it a few weeks in advance.  And the key to all good gift giving is personalization.
When you give your gift, you want it to be apparent that you have had a good think about his likes and dislikes, hobbies and personality in general.
Personalisation is a simple trick you can do with most items.  For instance, say the man you have to buy for is a golfer, you could buy him all sorts of things to do with golf, but a personalized item, say, a watch, would mean so much more.  Buy a watch that will fit in with the sport, nothing to dressy or delicate, and have an inscription put on the back.

Be creative here, humour is always a winner.  Perhaps start with ‘Time for…’ and fill in the blank to make it personal.
Or you could put your own special message, but don’t make it too cheesy.  You don’t want him  to love the watch but hate the inscription!

You can do this with any item of jewellery.  Cufflinks come in all designs and shapes and finding a pair that fit in with a hobby or sport isn’t too difficult.  To make the gift for him even more special, put them in a personalised box.  That way, whenever he comes to wear the cufflinks, he’ll go to the box and be reminded by your message.

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