How to display your jewellery using Art Deco Picture Frames

January 15, 2009 · Filed Under Gift Ideas 

Art Deco picture frames are so beautiful.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but one thing that Art Deco picture frames all have in common is that they are very stylish.

Now I know that there is nothing better than a picture of you or your loved one beaming out of a vintage Art Deco picture frame, but there is another use.

Art Deco picture frames make a divine and completely original way to display your smaller items of jewellery.  You have to be particularly choosy here, otherwise, you are in danger of spoiling the essential glamour that makes up the beauty of the art deco picture frame, but done in the right way, it can be a marvel.  And if, like me you have a vast array of jewellery and sometimes forget what items you have then this may be the answer.

It’s also a trick I used when I owned a jewellery outlet, I’d drape necklaces and bracelets over the art deco picture frame and fill the inside with art deco brooches and they always got a lot of attention and as a result, the jewellery I displayed sold faster.

You can be as creative as you like with this, so use this just as a guide, let your inner expression out!  Oh, and if you’re especially good at making these they also make great gifts.

1. Find a picture frame you love.
I can’t stress the love bit enough.  For me it’s  got to be an Art Deco picture frame because I think the geometric shapes and designs are most flattering, however, a simple silver picture frame would do.

2. Take out the glass part of the frame and remember to keep it safe.

3. Take some cork board and fit it inside the frame, if you can, it’s best to fit a thin sheet of card between the cork board and backing of the picture.

4.  You then need to find some pins that again, you love.  If you’re thinking of displaying art deco brooches, then you don’t need the pins, but for rings, bracelets or neckalces, you need them.  They can’t be too striking, so try to get them the same colour as the cork board.  It’s the jewellery that’s on display here remember.

5.  Take out the jewellery that you want to display.  I find this works best if you have a selection of jewellery all with the same theme or colours.  For me, I choose pieces that work together.  Or you might want to organise it so you have all hand crafted stuff together, all silver jewellery together and so on.  However, in order for this to work, try to use small peices or just one large peice.  Don’t overcrowd the picture frame.

6.    Carefully pin your jewellery onto the cork board.  Be as creative as you can, drape necklaces, bunch rings together in patterns, use scarves, brooches, hairpins – whatever matches the scene.  If you are using an art deco picture frame for this, then arrange your jewellery in lines or geometric shapes.  Line rings with a diagonal of small brooches running through, drape a necklace in the centre and then put an arch of brooches along the top, you get the idea.

7.  Display it baby!  And next time you come to look for that art deco ring you’ll know exactly where it is and be wearing a work of art in more ways than one!

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