Art Deco Brooch – 5 Ways to wear it

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I saw this Art Deco Red Pin Brooch over at Amazon and thought it was just lovely.  With dark silver toned design, this art deco brooch has red rhinestones with red acrylic stones.
Even better, this art deco brooch has been reduced!  It is now only $14.99, from $29.97.  Bargain!

And although we all love the art deco brooch, what’s the best way to wear it?

You could just pin the art deco brooch to your top, but here are five ways to be a little more adventurous with it.

1. Clip it on to a chain, ribbon or existing pendant to make an art deco necklace.

2. Pin the art deco brooch onto your bag or purse – you can do this Read more

Art Deco Necklaces – choosing the perfect pendant

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I was just looking at that picture in my last post about Mae West and thinking what a fabulous art deco necklace she was wearing.
It is simply stunning.
But you know what makes it so jaw-dropping?  It’s the combination of the art deco necklace with that dress.  I mean, imagine that art deco necklace on a high necked dress, or one without such a sweet-heart neckline.  It simply wouldn’t have the same impact.

The thing that makes any art deco necklace so eye-catching is the outfit you put it with, something that many people overlook.
I think perhaps, people spend more time on deciding what shoes would look good with a dress rather than think about what art deco necklaces would look good, when really it should be the other way around.
Because,  think about it, how many people will be looking down in the area where your shoes are and how many people will be looking in the area where your art deco necklace will be?  See, it’s not rocket science, which is why it’s vital to pick the perfect art deco necklace that compliments your neckline.   Here are some quick tips.

Firstly, remember the occasion.  Don’t go overboard, a big diamond art deco necklace Read more

Art Deco Jewellery on Mae West

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I’m working on a design for a wall hanging featuring an art deco design.  (In my other life I work as a freelance writer and artist) and I needed some help.

The wall hanging is made from recycled material and at the centre it’s got a large moon, reflected in  water with the profile of a glamorous woman to the right.   She’s stood in a way so that it looks like she’s holding the moon and this woman couldn’t just be anyone.  It had to be an art deco woman. From her silhouette, I wanted her to be synonymous with art deco style, celebrating the glamour and decadence of the era.  So who did I go to for inspiration? Mae West of course!

Mae west, best known as actress, screenwriter and of couse, sex symbol was perfect for providing the motivation I needed.  She was known for her wit and double entendres, many of which still feel great to say.  My favourite Mae West quote being, Read more

Charm Bracelets – a quick history

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Charm bracelets are hugely popular, always have been in fact.

They first started out around 400 B.C, according the Jewellery Information Centre and were worn by the Babylonians, Persians Hittites.  Back then, the charms on the bracelets were spiritual and religious in nature and although the charm bracelets that you get today are more fashion orientated, isn’t still a spiritual choice you make when you decide your charms?

If you have a charm bracelet, then your probably one of those people who never gets a bad birthday gift. I mean, you just specify what charms you want and hey presto!  And the beauty of owning a charm bracelet is that you’ll Read more

Art Deco Cubic Zirconia & Sapphire Ring

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The designs on this Art Deco sapphire ring are amazing.  The detail is some of the best I’ve seen, it’s so intricate.  I love the swirls that reach out to the small sapphire’s at each side of this art deco design ring and think it’s brilliant.  It would also be perfect for that special valentines present, or perhaps, something else?

It’s listed on Amazon and here’s the description, “Reminiscent of the 1920’s Edwardian and Art Deco designs. We are pleased to offer this line of high quality vintage inspired sterling silver filigree jewellery. Having 2) 5mm faceted cubic zirconias beadset with 12) cubic zirconia accents and 4) genuine sapphires. Availability is limited Read more

Art Deco Glass jewellery

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Photo by Colro

Like other historical eras, with unique style and character, the use of art deco glass in interior design and jewellery,  is a perfect illustration of how the art deco era made it’s impact on the creative world.

If you look at any art deco furniture, you’ll see that art deco style makes great use of glass and mirrors.  Art deco glass will display the geometric style typical of the era, with a streamlined design that is sleek and striking.

You can see art deco glass in some pieces of jewellery.

Read more

Wedding Jewellery

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It’s funny, but getting great wedding jewellery can be something that’s overlooked.

Most brides I talk to spend months, heck, even years getting the wedding flowers, wedding photography and wedding dress just right, they even spend more time on the wedding favours than they do the wedding jewellery.

A white pearl necklace.
Image via Wikipedia

It’s all that until a few weeks before when it

suddenly hits them.  ‘What wedding jewellery have I got?’ Read more

Art Deco Wedding Dress

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For many soon to be brides out there, the first thing they buy is the wedding dress, however for some, the first thing they do is decide on a theme.

One of my friends had an art deco wedding theme, which I thought was a great idea.  (Well, I would, wouldn’t I?  In fact, it may have been my idea in the first place)  But I must stress that even though you have decided on an art deco wedding, it all starts with the dress.  And in this case, an art deco wedding dress.

So for anyone out there who is thinking of getting married and would like to plan an art deco wedding, here are some of my tips and resources for finding that perfect art deco wedding dress, because I’m assuming you already have your art deco jewellery.  What?  You don’t?  Well that’s a whole other article! For now, lets focus on finding…

Bridal gown at Claire Pettibone

The art deco wedding dress.
This can be the hardest thing to get, and believe me, I know.  If you haven’t got the figure of Keira Read more

Onyx and Jet bracelet

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I just love onyx.

I think it’s one of my favourite gemstones.
It is said that onyx can encourage positive thoughts and free you from negative ones,  it’s meant to help lift disappointment and mend any troubles in relationships.  Now who wouldn’t want to wear a bracelet that did all that?   Especially when it’s combined in this Art Deco Style Onyx and Jet Hues Stretch Bracelet which has separate frames showing off the stones.

The frames are linked together on two stretch bands so you don’t need to worry about it not fitting perfectly.

You can also buy this bracelet with different gemstones, Art Deco Style Russet Hues Stretch Bracelet, but as for me, I think I like this Onyx and Jet braclet better.

Vintage Costume Jewellery – 5 ways to get the best deals

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When looking for vintage costume jewellery, you’ll notice that it might be a little hard to ensure you’re getting a good deal.  In fact, if you’re not sure of the questions to ask and what to look out for, then the whole thing can be a complete minefield, especially if you’re buying vintage costume jewellery on-line.

In many department stores today, the costume jewellery that they have on display will, unfortunately, lose value rather than gain it.  However, vintage costume jewellery is a whole other story.  Get a piece of vintage costumer jewellery in your collection and if it’s in demand, then you’re on to a winner – if you know what to look out for when buying that is.

So here’s five simple steps and a quick (very quick) guide to finding the best vintage costume jewellery around.
Read more

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