Where can I find an Art Deco Wedding Cake?

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Okay, I know this is a blog about art deco jewellery, but because it’s summer and because I’ve been to a lot of weddings lately, this post is about finding an art deco wedding cake.  Or a cake in an art deco style.  This is because, last weekend I went to a wedding and was asked this exact question.

Now I know that my dream wedding would be an art deco style wedding, and I’ve yet to have an invite to one of those (hint: if you are planning an art deco wedding invite me!)  But if I were lucky enough to be invited to one, I would expect to see, centre of the top table, in all it’s fine glory a stunning art deco wedding cake, but the question is: where can you find a cake like that?

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I did a bit of reasearch and found these lovely places. Read more

Art Deco Glass jewellery

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Photo by Colro

Like other historical eras, with unique style and character, the use of art deco glass in interior design and jewellery,  is a perfect illustration of how the art deco era made it’s impact on the creative world.

If you look at any art deco furniture, you’ll see that art deco style makes great use of glass and mirrors.  Art deco glass will display the geometric style typical of the era, with a streamlined design that is sleek and striking.

You can see art deco glass in some pieces of jewellery.

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Art Deco Earrings – long or short?

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When it comes to choosing Art Deco earrings, you have a variety of options, but the first one is probably should I go for long earrings or short?
I think you have to take a few things into consideration before you make your choice, especially if you going to buy an expensive set! You want to be in love your earrings from day one and wear them many times, so thinking about what to buy is worth taking time.

Firstly, think about Read more