Art Deco Brooch

March 16, 2009 · Filed Under art deco brooch · Comment 

Think I may be getting this Vintage Art Deco Silver Brooch
for dear old mama this coming mothers day.

How beautiful is it?  It’s just darling isn’t it?  I figure if I buy it for my mother, then I also get to use the art deco brooch whenever I like as well.  Bonus!
I think it will look particularly well on the side of my black felt hat.  Or I could buy a chain as well as this art deco brooch for mothers day and then we have the option of wearing it as a pendant.  I’ve just looked at my other post about art deco brooches and quite frankly, this little lovely would do well on any of those ideas.  Apart from using it as a key chain, it’s just too nice for that.
As Amazon puts it, “designed over 30 years ago, we’ve brought back this art deco inspired brooch to celebrate the revival in vintage couture. Cast in antique silver, this delicate brooch measures 3″ wide and is embedded with clear, light amethyst purple and dark amethyst purple crystals.”  On seconds thoughts, I think I’ll just stick to wearing it as an art deco brooch, I’ll pin it to my black mini dress and let the compliments fly!