Bridesmaid Gifts – How to decide what jewellery bridesmaid gifts to give

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So you’re planning your wedding and you’re on to the gifts part.

That can be worse than choosing the seating plan!
You want to give gifts that reflect your appreciation for the help you’ve had, and no bride is helped more than by her bridesmaids, so choosing the perfect bridesmaids gifts is a tricky one.

If you make a great choice for your bridesmaids gifts they will be remembered and be a token of your special day.  If you make a bad choice, they will be worn once (usually on your wedding day) then put in the back of a drawer.

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Gifts for men

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How hard is this?  Amazingly hard!

Buying gifts for men is one common problem that every girl shares.  You may want to show them that you appreciate them, be it your brother, father, husband or boyfriend but buying gifts for him isn’t always easy.

The problem with buying gifts for him, that special someone in your life, is that most men are a bit uncommunicative about what they want.
If, like me, you want to choose a gift that will be unique, original and loved, Read more

Birthday gift – 5 ways to select the perfect birthday gift

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This year will be different, this year you’ll buy a birthday gift that will be cherished and loved.
Gone are the days of typical  and boring birthday gifts, this time, your birthday present will surpass all others.

How?  By following these simple five steps to birthday gift heaven… Read more

Art Deco Necklace – perfect valentines gift

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This just has to be the perfect art deco valentines gift.

I love the colours, but even better are the materials used in this art deco pendant. Shell, rope and metal. Who’d of thought that would make such a pretty necklace?  It’s actually, ‘crushed natural shell encased in a clear resin.’  So that’s what gives the art deco necklace the shiny look.  It looks kind of sparkly to me as well.

I’m not sure how low the art deco necklace sits, but I think the way that this pendant is attached to a rope makes it really versitile.

You could really have fun with this, adapting it into an art deco brooch or key chain. And best of all, it comes with a free travel jewellery roll, so if you are giving this as a valentines gift, you’ll get a little something for yourself as well!

Heart Art Deco Pendant Necklace – Grey

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Charm Bracelets – a quick history

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Charm bracelets are hugely popular, always have been in fact.

They first started out around 400 B.C, according the Jewellery Information Centre and were worn by the Babylonians, Persians Hittites.  Back then, the charms on the bracelets were spiritual and religious in nature and although the charm bracelets that you get today are more fashion orientated, isn’t still a spiritual choice you make when you decide your charms?

If you have a charm bracelet, then your probably one of those people who never gets a bad birthday gift. I mean, you just specify what charms you want and hey presto!  And the beauty of owning a charm bracelet is that you’ll Read more