Where can I find an Art Deco Wedding Cake?

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Okay, I know this is a blog about art deco jewellery, but because it’s summer and because I’ve been to a lot of weddings lately, this post is about finding an art deco wedding cake.  Or a cake in an art deco style.  This is because, last weekend I went to a wedding and was asked this exact question.

Now I know that my dream wedding would be an art deco style wedding, and I’ve yet to have an invite to one of those (hint: if you are planning an art deco wedding invite me!)  But if I were lucky enough to be invited to one, I would expect to see, centre of the top table, in all it’s fine glory a stunning art deco wedding cake, but the question is: where can you find a cake like that?

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I did a bit of reasearch and found these lovely places. Read more

Bridesmaid Gifts – How to decide what jewellery bridesmaid gifts to give

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So you’re planning your wedding and you’re on to the gifts part.

That can be worse than choosing the seating plan!
You want to give gifts that reflect your appreciation for the help you’ve had, and no bride is helped more than by her bridesmaids, so choosing the perfect bridesmaids gifts is a tricky one.

If you make a great choice for your bridesmaids gifts they will be remembered and be a token of your special day.  If you make a bad choice, they will be worn once (usually on your wedding day) then put in the back of a drawer.

The best way to shop Read more

Wedding Jewellery

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It’s funny, but getting great wedding jewellery can be something that’s overlooked.

Most brides I talk to spend months, heck, even years getting the wedding flowers, wedding photography and wedding dress just right, they even spend more time on the wedding favours than they do the wedding jewellery.

A white pearl necklace.
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It’s all that until a few weeks before when it

suddenly hits them.  ‘What wedding jewellery have I got?’ Read more

Art Deco Wedding Dress

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For many soon to be brides out there, the first thing they buy is the wedding dress, however for some, the first thing they do is decide on a theme.

One of my friends had an art deco wedding theme, which I thought was a great idea.  (Well, I would, wouldn’t I?  In fact, it may have been my idea in the first place)  But I must stress that even though you have decided on an art deco wedding, it all starts with the dress.  And in this case, an art deco wedding dress.

So for anyone out there who is thinking of getting married and would like to plan an art deco wedding, here are some of my tips and resources for finding that perfect art deco wedding dress, because I’m assuming you already have your art deco jewellery.  What?  You don’t?  Well that’s a whole other article! For now, lets focus on finding…

Bridal gown at Claire Pettibone

The art deco wedding dress.
This can be the hardest thing to get, and believe me, I know.  If you haven’t got the figure of Keira Read more