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It’s funny, but getting great wedding jewellery can be something that’s overlooked.

Most brides I talk to spend months, heck, even years getting the wedding flowers, wedding photography and wedding dress just right, they even spend more time on the wedding favours than they do the wedding jewellery.

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It’s all that until a few weeks before when it

suddenly hits them.  ‘What wedding jewellery have I got?’

If you’re reading this and shaking your head, then well done you.  You can go do something else like call your wedding photographer and go over the call list again,  but if you’re are like the myriad of brides I have known over the years then read on…

First off, your wedding jewellery needs to be just as unique as you are.  Ideally it should be a perfect reflection of you and your ideals for your big day.  Sounds ridiculous?  Not so.
Wearing some shoddy, off colour necklace because you couldn’t find anything else is ridiculous.

Remember – this is your wedding day.  Everyone will be looking at you.  This is your chance to shine.

So what can you choose?
You could always opt for the traditional pearl wedding jewellery, or diamond studs.  They are sure to compliment your outfit, but wait a second, do you want to look like every other bride?  I didn’t think so.  So why not..

Spruce up the pearl wedding jewellery
Coloured pearls, Keishi pearls, Tahitian pearls, be creative.  There are so many to choose from that you can really make your pearl necklace unique and original.

Be a rough diamond
Don’t get me wrong, I love a diamond.  Simple, elegant and classy, but if you want to be a bit different, go for a rough diamond.  It’s great to see some jewellers incorporation of unique colours and cuts of diamonds to create a really designer piece.

Antique wedding jewellery
This is by far my favourite option and it also get the ‘something borrowed’ out of the way to.  Look around in your family for vintage jewellery that you could wear.  Make sure you clean it properly and it will look stunning.  Don’t discount your grandmothers bracelet, ask if you can hunt in her treasure box because you never know what you might find.

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